Meeting Papers 2024

Loppington Parish Council meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in Loppington Village Hall

The agenda’s for the meetings will normally be displayed here 3 clear working days beforehand. Links to all documents are shown in blue.

Draft minutes of the last meeting will also be displayed.  The minutes will normally be approved as a true record at the next meeting of the Parish Council

The Parish Council has a 15 minute public open session during its meetings. Everyone is invited to be present and to speak during the public open session. 

You will find links to the planning applications here.


9 January OrdinaryAgendaBudget
Financial Statement
12 MarchOrdinaryAgendaFinancial Statement Minutes
14 MayAnnual AgendaFinancial Statement
Agenda Item 10
Draft Minutes
25 June Extra OrdinaryAgenda
9 July Ordinary
10 SeptemberOrdinary
12 NovemberOrdinary