Shropshire Council Road Safety

Shropshire Council Road Safety Policy was approved by Shropshire Council in February 2013. Road safety concerns are community led and there is a requirement to demonstrate community support for them.

So what is the road safety policy?

The policy is designed to develop measures and initiatives and contribute towards highway safety in Shropshire. Its aim is to address road safety in various ways; this could include highway design and speed management, highway maintenance or driver behaviour through training and publicity.

Members of the public are encouraged to approach their Parish Council if they have any road safety concerns.  The Parish Council will consider any requests and, if it supports those requests, will put them forward to Shropshire Council. This will enable traffic engineers to consider what speed management or other highway measures will best address any problems in your area

If you have any road safety concerns please contact the Parish Council via our contact us page.

The full Road Safety Policy document can be viewed online here Shropshire Council Roads & Highways Policy Road Safety

Farming and the Highway

For a custom map of roadworks, closures and diversions click here

Find out which road improvements are happening now 

Potholes, Pathways & Road Problems

Shropshire Council Newsroom: “As part of efforts to improve the county’s roads, crews from Shropshire Council and its contractor Kier are out across the county every day tackling potholes in a variety of ways.”

In order to assist the Highways Dept. please take a photograph and a description, size & depth of the pothole and its location, and report it here.

Any highways concern you have should be reported via My Shropshire, including roads, signs, ditches & drains. If you do not have access to online reporting, residents in Loppington Parish may contact the clerk on clerk@loppingtonparishcouncil.gov.uk who will report your concerns for you.

For all your highways information go to Shropshire Council Highways at

Shropshire Biodiversity

Shropshire Council has set out its policy on Ecology and Biodiversity and how it collates, manages and disseminates data working in partnership with other organisations for the purposes of conserving biodiversity.
To learn more about nature conservation in Shropshire visit
Shropshire Council & Marches Biodiversity Partnership

Many of our common wildflowers are in decline. Roadside verges provide vital corridors for wildlife and many are rich in wildflowers. Shropshire Council as part of its strategy to protect the countryside and wildlife of Shropshire has launched its Wildflower Verge Reporting webpage.

If you know of roadside verges that are good for wildflowers or have notable plants on them you can report it here

Once recorded it will be passed on to the highways team who will adjust their mowing regime accordingly, where safe to do so.

Report an overgrown highway verge here