Outdoor Recreation

Loppington Country Walks

Loppington Parish is a great place to live and to visit and walking can be a great way to learn a little of the history and appreciate what the area has to offer. 

 Four moderate walks each 3-4 miles. Allow 1½ – 2 hours.

Walk One – Brown Heath and Woodgate    

Walk Two – On the Trail of the Dickins  

Walk Three – The Mill and the Moss

Walk Four – To Noneley and Back

Walk Five – Permissive Path Loppington & Wolverley

 If you are interested in helping to keep our parish paths accessible there are volunteering opportunities  or to read more about getting involved in Nature Conservation contact Meres and Mosses

Visit  www.shropshiresgreatoutdoors.co.uk

Enjoy the Countryside & follow the Countryside Code

Shropshire Council has a copy of the definitive map online showing footpaths in the county. You can view a section of the definitive map relating to our parish and a copy of the Countryside Code here.

Definitive Map Loppington Parish

Countryside Code

As with all rural areas the parish is a working rural community with grazing livestock and crops. We ask you to respect the working community, livestock and the flora & fauna by familiarising yourself with, and abiding by, the Countryside Code and in return we hope that you enjoy your ramble though our parish.

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Public Rights of Way – A Guide for Farmers and Landowners


baschurch allotment

Baschurch Allotment Association opened a three acre allotment site in March 2011.  The site is laid out with approximately 60 ground level plots of various sizes and 16 raised beds (the number of plots changes as we merge or split up plots). The Association’s allotments are available to residents from the parish of Baschurch and all adjoining parishes including Loppington.  For rental details and expressions of interest in taking on a plot, please contact the Association