Tree Preservation Orders

Below are Tree Preservation Orders for Loppington Village, which have been made by the Shropshire Council in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Shropshire Council (Loppington Village South) TPO 2016 

The following Tree Preservation Order SC/00251/16 is confirmed on 8th June 2016

Loppington Village South  

Shropshire Council (Loppington Village North) TPO 2014

The following Tree Preservation Order SC/00207/14 is confirmed on 28th May 2015

Loppington Village North

Shropshire Council (Loppington Village West) TPO 2014

 The following Tree Preservation Order SC/00208/14 is confirmed on 3rd June 2015 with modification to remove T3 & T4 from the order

Loppington Village West

Trees and Woodland

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